About Me

A mostly stay at home Mom who is blogging to rediscover herself. The transition to motherhood has left me overwhelmed with a new perspective of the surrounding world. Out of the chaos is emerging a stranger who is inextricably me. Imperfect, but perfectly me.

Not quite a SAHM, not quite a working Mom, but definitely me and entering my mid-30s as I type. Married to the man I have been in love with for the past nine years. Our daughters are ages 2 and 4 and I am pregnant with baby #3. Hard to imagine I have been on this journey for 4 years and yet, it has just begun. Time is fleeting.

When I am not a full-time mother, I go into a classroom and take on my alter ago of an  adjunct communication professor at a local university. Just enough work out of the home to supplement the household income and just enough work at home to drive a person batty.

Maternal Butterfly stems from the rebirth of a woman as mother, but also pays tribute to the evolution of how the concept of mother changes as you walk the path of motherhood.

Thank you for taking a moment to read...