Saturday, November 6, 2010

A message for a friend...

Women are well-known for their capacity to feel. There are moments when the depth of these emotions are almost intolerable. When things are so heightened, only another woman would understand the impact of hormones surging. The exaggeration of the mundane, swirled with increased sensitivity, dancing together and disrupting your perception of reality. The insignificant suddenly significant. As mother's, we are not used to paying any mind to ourselves and at times, we are forced to pause.

I know you have been going through a lot lately. You have been feeling out of control in your own mind. Remember, this too will pass. In a few years from now, you will look back and this will be much less significant. It will become just part of the path instead of a huge stumbling block you must endure. I know you have been on edge. Worried about the world around you. Rest assured, you have been crazier inside yourself than to us. Don't worry, your extra screaming fits and almost tantrums have been noticed, but, it will pass. You are more funny than annoyed. More happy than sad. You are more compassionate than intolerant. Much more patient than not. And have more hope than despair. You are more than just a few moments of insignificant time. Do not worry about what other people think. Those who love you know this is just a moment in time. Those who don't, do not have a true understanding of who you are, so, why value their misinformed perception?

Ride the wave and rest assured that you will be on land once again. You will be yourself and reclaim your emotions. You may even feel embarrassed for the heights and depths of your ride, however, we have all been there at one time or another. It was just your turn. The details of our journeys may vary, but we share the journey together. We share the experience of woman.

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