Monday, April 26, 2010

Beyond Motherhood

Sometimes I catch glimpses of myself in the mirror and I wonder who that woman is. Tired, unkempt, rounder than I remember, but yet, that's me. The person I was is the person I think I should see, but its not the woman I am. She is different, older and wiser, yet not quite what I envisioned.

There was a time I awoke and immediately showered. A time when I worried how my hair was done and never left the house without make-up. My body was never perfect, but now things just sag and jiggle marked with silver lines. No longer are the days when I put on a bra and didn't have to lift my boob in and adjust it so it rested as if it was still perky hidden underneath an old ratty bra.

What happened to the woman who reveled in the latest fashion? Who wore a new hairstyle every month? Where did all the passion for make-up go? When did I become this frumpy old woman and how do I recapture time?

Does every new mother get lost for some time? They say that good mothers suffer from focusing on others. That we become so consumed by the daily grind that we forget to take care of ourselves. I am going to spend some time on myself so maybe when I look in the mirror I recognize who I see.

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