Friday, April 30, 2010


My daughter has always been a competent communicator. Others worried (& made me worry)about her being at a twelve-month ability by almost 2 years old, but deep down, I wasn't worried. She fully understood what I said and responded, not verbally, but no one ever wondered what she wanted or needed. She just preferred to be of few words. Then one day, right after her sister was born, the chatterbox emerged.

It is amazing to listen to your child talk. You spend all of this time with them, but every day you learn a little more about them. My daughter is sweet and kind. She is polite. These are qualities that are not form me. Sure I tell her to say please and thank you, but she uses them. She asks if I am OK after I fall and if I am happy when she thinks I am sad. She tells me her favorite color is purple. Sure, she is a little indecisive as she switches between orange and green and purple, but she always seems to be drawn back to purple. She is attracted to things that sparkle and princess dresses, but will dig in her sandbox, push her trucks and fly her planes while wearing a tiara. My daughter is empathetic. If she thinks she has hurt me, she quickly says I'm sorry. She is amazed with flowers and bugs and thinks string beans are worms.

There was a time that I wondered what was behind those eyes, now, I can't wait to hear more. There is a draw back to this new stage... she doesn't understand secrets, parrots my truck driver language and expresses her opinion at every opportunity, however, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love to hear what she loves and how she thinks and who she is. This is what its all about, getting to know my lil' chatterbox.

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