Friday, May 28, 2010

Poo Happens

Things that happened in the bathroom were once a non-thought... automatic, private. I had never been pooped on and I never even thought of another person's private moment. Fast forward to present and I am a poo aficionado and yes, I am going to talk about it!

My first child began my relationship with poo immediately... has she had her first poo? Did her poo begin to change color? Yes, poo colors. Babies begin with tar-poo, then if breastfed, yellow, seedy, loose poo. I have seen a baby shoot poo 3 feet across a room. I have worn it on my hair and thankfully, never on my face. Wiping poo stimulates more poo and elevated hineys create a perfect launching ground for jet propelled poo. The introduction of solid foods demonstrated to me the effect of the food we eat on poo. The older the child gets and the more food variety, the grosser the diaper. You learn that you have more diapers to change if they eat certain foods and may even avoid food for its effect on poo. Potty training brings the dynamic of teaching poo etiquette, more poo talk and new poo on butt concerns. Watching as some one poos and giggling as she grunts and pushes no longer gross... now, kinda funny. Is the poo solid? Is it soft? How many times a day? Is she consistent? What has my world become?!?!

There was a time this post was beyond my comprehension. I would have scoffed at the person who felt the need to talk about poo. What a gross topic, I would have thought. However, now I know, its not my fault that this is such a part of my life... poo happens.

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